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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tantalizing Turkey

Like us, you've probably traveled to Europe countless times. It's a culturally diverse continent to which we return time and time again, a user-friendly destination within the comfort zone of most American travelers. So, at the end of our Bike Bulgaria adventure, I was all set to go back to some old familiar European stomping grounds...until I peeked at a map and pinpointed Turkey, gateway to Eurasia. Bordered by eight countries, it seemed like an excellent choice for a serendipitous place to visit after our Bulgaria adventure.

We were dead on with our decision. Now I can't wait to return to this magical country of sensory overload. If you're yearning for something different to cap your European travels, don't miss Turkey. In an upcoming post, we'll share our top tips along with a few of our travel tales from the land of the Ottoman Empire. Until then, keep on traveling in 2010!

~Ann Lombardi
The Trip Chicks

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