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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unclaimed Luggage Treasures, Road Trip Weather, No Smoking Havens, & Air Traffic Chatter

Howdy, travel friends! In an effort to blog more frequently and efficiently, The Trip Chicks have decided to make our blog posts shorter, starting today! That said, we'll get right to the point. Below are a few useful websites we'd like to highlight this month.

1. Courtesy Peter Greenberg (Travel Editor for NBC’s Today show, CNBC and MSNBC, best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host), the world's largest online directory for smoke-free lodging:

2. Neat on-line international language directories:

3. Business travelers, check these out:

4. Weather forecast and road maps for your next road trip:

5. Monitor live air traffic communications:

6. Spice up your next trip with a pick from this lodging list:

7. Lost luggage loot could be your gain:

That'll do it for now. Back soon with more tips from The Trip Chicks.

Ann Lombardi & Wendy Swartzell


Jan Ross said...

Great sites. Thanks!

Queen of the Road said...

My husband, Tim, and I went to the unclaimed luggage store while we were on a year-long road trip. I do a lot of shopping at used clothing stores, but even I had to admit it was kind of creepy sorting through all these things that were never voluntarily relinquished.

The people-watching was even better than the actual shopping. Tim, as always, was a good sport, and after quickly realizing he wasn’t going to find anything in the place (apparently men who were 40 Long with a thirty-two-inch waist did not lose their bags), wandered around then kept me company while I waited in the extremely long line to pay for my purchases. (One might think the Unclaimed Baggage Center’s checkout was going for too much authenticity by attempting to re-create an airport check-in.) Two guys in camouflage garb walked by.

“They don’t want to be seen in this place,” Tim whispered. Just as I succeeded in stifling my laughter, another man sauntered by holding a couple of hockey sticks. (How in the world do you lose a hockey stick on an airplane?) Tim, feigning enthusiasm, oohed and aahed.

“Wow! They’ve got hockey sticks!” he exclaimed. It seemed the young couple standing in front of us could also see the absurdity of it all. When the woman showed her husband the dickie she planned to purchase, he screwed up his face and asked, “What is that, a shirt for your boobs?”

The said...

Queen of the Road, your post about the unclaimed luggage store is a hoot. Thanks for posting! Will get Dan our travel talk radio producer to contact you about doing a phoner on the show. Your site is excellent!

Happy Travels.
"The Trip Chicks"

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