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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unsung Heroes of Flight 1549

The world stands in awe and admiration of the cool-headed US Air pilot "Sully" Sullenberger III, who two days ago deftly guided his crippled Airbus A320 with 155 on board to an amazing death-defying ditch into the Hudson River. That no one was severely injured is truly miraculous, and the New York ferry boats, US Coast Guard, police, firefighters, and other emergency personnel who assisted in the dramatic rescue certainly deserve accolades for their quick response and calm under pressure.

But missing from most media coverage is the core of the airline crew. What about those brave flight attendants, whose steady guidance and precision teamwork were instrumental in the passengers' safe, swift evacuation from the disabled aircraft? Although we have yet to see or hear much about the FA's of US Flight 1549, it is those courageous people, shining examples of stellar airline professionals in action, who merit our highest praise!

Next time we fly, we too will be just alittle more grateful for the dedication and training of these oft taken-for-granted airline employees and much more mindful of their main responsibility: to help ensure the utmost safety of all on board. We hope you'll take time to read the Seattle Times article below, which echoes some of our own thoughts on these unsung heroes of Flight 1549.

Ann Lombardi & Wendy Swartzell

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