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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our National "Vacation Deficit Disorder" Are You a Victim?

In this evening's ABC Travel News RSS feed, I was flabbergasted to read a story about how medieval peasants in Europe had more time off than the average American worker! It is totally incomprehensible that our modern society has regressed so in its vacation vs. work ethic.

Have you ever been hesitant to take vacation time because you were worried you might have trouble getting "caught up" when you got back? Or, worse, have you ever thought you might lose your job if you actually used your time off? Fess up, everyone. But if you are one of the few Americans who regularly takes vacations, please share your tips on how you've trained yourself to leave the office behind and relax guilt-free on a well-deserved escape.

The Trip Chicks


Andy said...

I have lived in the developing world now for 10 years, I am positive the USA works too much. However, Americans must with their addiction to buying. Buying is the problem, however people appear to like to work, I sure cannot convince them to walk slow. Thanks from Andy of Travel Blog

The Trip Chicks™ said...

Excellent observation, Andy. You are right about the addiction to buying. This American shopaholic/workaholic mentality is so entrenched, it's hard to imagine a change. Thanks for posting.